Continuing to attach things to the car.

I got the last door panel (rear right) installed. It took a couple of iterations of the peel-cut-glue technique to get it to fit. I had originally tried to install this panel about a year ago, only to discover that it was oversize and would need trimming.

I replaced the front brake rod return springs with the improved late ’31 style. The old ones had lost their springiness (or never had any), and the brake rods were rattling. I also need to do the rears, but that is more work. Working on the brakes was much easier back before the splash shields and fenders were installed!
Finally, I fixed some dents in the cowl trim band, buffed it, and installed it. There were a couple of dents that I couldn’t remove, but after buffing the band it looked all shiny and pretty, and you have to really look carefully to notice the remaining dents.

I’m not sure what I will do next. The weather has been extremely mild, and maybe I can resume painting soon. I could take care of the front bumper braces, the headlamp bar, the horn, and the grille.