Fenders bolted on!

I attached the fenders to the car, along with the braces, the headlight bar, and the welting between the fenders and the splash shields. There were a lot of bolts to install, and a lot of fiddling and adjustments.

I decided not to use one of the original fender braces, because the place where the headlight bar attaches had some badly-repaired rust damage.  I had a spare brace, which I sandblasted and painted.  I also made some measurements of the braces, and did some careful bending to get them to match each other.

The next step is to install and hook up the headlights and the horn, and attach the hood latches.  Then the car will be fully road-worthy.

Yay! Both fenders painted!

I got the second fender painted. Since it is a new repro, it needed less sanding and prep than the other one. I had applied the primer-surfacer last fall, and I needed to apply only a little bit more near the front edge, where I had earlier modified the shape.

The next step of course is to attach them to the car. But first I need to do a bit of tweaking and adjustment on the fender support braces, so that the fenders will be nicely aligned on both sides of the car. I had sandblasted and painted the braces several years ago, but since then I noticed that they do not exactly match each other, especially since they have had some cracks and damage repaired many years ago by welding.