Painting season is here again

I’ve been pretty busy the last few weeks (including vacation), so a huge amount of progress. But it got warm quicker than I expected, so it’s time to get back to painting.

I made a form to bend the roof molding and I bent it to the correct shape.  It came out OK, just a few wrinkles on the inner edge that nobody will ever see.  Just before the roof area gets its final coat of paint, I will nail it in place.

In the last week or so I block-sanded two doors, sprayed on another coat of primer-surfacer, and blocked them again. They will need one more coat of primer before getting their final wet-sanding.

In a few days the two doors should be ready for the finish painting. The masking and finish painting will be sort of complicated, because there will be three colors: Semi-gloss maroon for the edges, gloss maroon for the main part of the door and the window reveal, and gloss black for the upper part.