Working on the interior.

I installed the driver’s door panel and one rear door panel. It was a hassle to install the handle and window crank on the driver’s door, because the reproduction panels are thicker than the originals, and it was hard to push the handles on far enough to get the retaining pins to fit. This was less of a problem for the rear door, but that panel was excessively oversize, and I had to peel back the fabric and trim about 1/4″ from the top edge. This has been a constant issue while installing the interior kit- I have spent a lot more time re-working the panels than actually installing them.

After that, I installed the interior carpets.  For the front, all I had to do was attach a few snaps to underside of the carpet, but for the rear I had to make some holes in the carpet for the seat belt mounting bolts.

Finally, I soda-blasted the door sills.  They are zinc stampings that had gotten painted at one time.  Before I can actually install them, I need to hammer out some dents and polish them.