Not a whole lot.

All I’ve done in the last four weeks is attach a spare fiberglass front fender to the right side of the car. This was more complicated than I expected, since the set of fender bolts I ordered were not at all correct for this model. I ended up using mostly hardware-store nuts and bolts, but at least they were the correct type and size. It took quite a bit of fiddling to get all the joints and holes lined up properly. Maybe in the next week or so I can get my other spare fender installed on the other side, and go for a drive.

Fiddling with shims.

To get the doors lined up nicely, I had put a couple of extra shims between the frame and the right side of the firewall. Some time later I noticed that this caused the firewall to be a bit crooked relative to the radiator, which in turn made the hood a bit crooked and the gap between the hood and the cowl a little uneven. So I re-did some of the shims, so that the firewall and radiator were both perfectly level, the hood properly aligned, and the doors even with each other.

Because of the holidays and the inevitable end-of-year crunch, that’s about the only thing I did to the car in the last two or three weeks. The weather has been very warm and snow (and salt) free, and if it continues like that I may bolt on my least messed-up set of front fenders and drive the car some more.