Got them apart!

I was able to take apart the rear bumpers. The bolts holding the sections together had gotten fused in place from rust, and tons of pressure from my press would not budge them. I heated each bolt with a blowtorch for about half an hour, and then plunged them into water. After this shock treatment, I was able to press out the bolts (along with piles of rust).

I also used my press to straighten a couple of the bumper brackets that were slightly bent.

My next project: replacing a couple of broken-off studs on the front seat tracks.

Not much happening…

It’s been holiday season, and there’s lots of other things needing my attention.

I started taking apart the other side of the rear bumper, but the bolts holding the pieces together are really frozen in place- my 12-ton press will not budge them. I’ll need to drill them out. Normally the acetylene torch would be useful here, but the bumper bars are spring steel and I do not want to soften them.