Some Miscellaneous Stuff

Exactly a week after I ordered the interior kit, the UPS guy dropped off two giant boxes, with the kit inside. They managed to make it in about three working days!  I spent some time going through all the pieces to make sure everything was in order.  It is well made, and the mohair fabric is very nice.  I am still not sure what to do about the front seat spring.  Next week I will talk to the vendor to see how much it might cost to have one custom-made based on my original spring.

I was never really satisfied with the color of the special high-temperature paint that I had used a couple of years ago to paint the exhaust manifold. It was supposed to to look like unpainted cast iron, but it had more of a flat tan color. Last fall at a swap meed I bought a can of a different brand of exhaust paint, which seemed to have a more suitable color. Last weekend I took off the exhaust manifold, bead-blasted off the old paint, and re-painted it. The new paint was a lot better, looking almost exactly like the raw iron.

I also used my Dremel tool to slightly open up the cracks in the steering wheel, so that the epoxy putty would bond better.  I mixed up a bit of the epoxy and filled a few of the cracks.  Once the epoxy dries I will see now good it looks.  The putty was rather messy and sticky, and I’ll have to do some some sanding after all the cracks are filled.

Got that Seat Frame Finished

I put the seat cushion frame together, and did some final work on it with the router, rounding the edges, etc. It looks fabulous. I also got a reproduction seat base spring. It is well-made, but it is a bit lower and shallower than the original, and I am not 100% sure if it will work well and if the seat upholstery will fit properly over it. But the only practical alternative is to have a reproduction spring custom-made, which would surely be expensive.

I ordered the upholstery kit in green mohair, just like the original (and frightfully expensive). It should arrive in 3 weeks or so, and then I will see how everything goes together.

While I am waiting for the upholstery, I might start trying to repair the cracks in the steering wheel with epoxy putty. But with the Christmas season upon us, I won’t be spending a lot of time on the car…