Window glass!

Last week I took my old window glass to a shop in Philadelphia, and they made a new set from laminated safety glass. It was done more quickly than I expected, and for less money than ordering it from a vendor. The shop also installed the windshield glass into the refinished frame.

While I was waiting for the glass to be made, I attached the windshield hinge and trim strip across the top of the windshield opening.  I also attached the rear bumper brackets to the frame, first painting the bolts that hold them in place.

After bringing the new glass home, I installed the rubber weatherstripping in the windshield frame, and installed the frame on the car.

The next stop is to install the (fixed) rear window, and start installing the rear (crank-up) quarter window regulators and channels.  But that won’t happen for a few weeks- I leave on vacation in a week, and there’s too many other things to do before then.

Paint Success

I finished painting the windshield frame, the windshield trim strip, and the two large rear bumper brackets. The rest of the bumper brackets can wait. They all got a coat of epoxy primer and a coat of gloss black paint (except for the inside of the windshield frame and the trim strip, which got semi-gloss). The next step is to bead-blast the bolts and screws that hold all these things and place and paint them (a simple can of black spray paint will be fine for this). Once that is done I can bolt the bumper brackets in place, and mount the windshield hinge.  Hopefully during the next week I can make more progress on getting new windshield and window glass made.  In any case, no more painting for a while!

I almost forgot: I painted the spare tire holder, and temporarily bolted it to the rear of the body and attached the spare tire to it. It makes the car look a bit more complete.