Finished the Front Seat!

I got the front seat all finished. It looks quite nice. I installed it so I could have the pleasure of sitting in the car and actually driving up and down the driveway. When the weather gets warmer and I am ready to resume painting, I’ll have to remove it again.

I also started work on the back seat. I got the backrest out of the attic, removed the crumbling, mouldering original fabric (the only remaining original material on any of the seats), separated the frame and springs, and cleaned them off. The wooden frame is in perfect shape, and can be re-used as-is. However, the springs got rather rusted on one corner, and I will have to reinforce one section of particularly rusty wire.

I was given a 50’s GM fuel filter, the kind with a little glass bowl to hold the filter element. I hooked it up to gas tank fuel valve, and made a proper metal fuel line to go to the carb. It is not “correct”, but it does have a period look, and looks much nicer than the rubber hose and modern plastic filter I had been using.

Upholstering the Front Seat

The new spring for the front seat arrived, and I have been upholstering the seat. There’s a lot of trial-and-error involved. I have removed and re-tacked several places 3 or 4 times. If I ever do another upholstery job on a seat like this, I’ll be able to do it in a quarter of the time.