Over the weekend I painted the shock arms, parkerized the mounting bolts, and installed the rebuilt front shocks. I went for a drive on some bumpy and potholed roads, and I was quite pleased with how the car no longer bounced around. Eventually I’ll have to get rear shocks, too.

More messing around

I finished welding the mounting and reinforcing brackets to the replacement running board. I still need to finish de-warping the other board before I can sandblast and paint them.

I installed the kick panels on either side under the dashboard.  Now the front interior of the car looks more respectable.

I also made and installed a pair of brackets for attaching the rear seat shoulder harnesses. I cut them out of a piece of angle iron I had lying around, welded on nuts for the harness mounting bolts, painted them, and bolted them to the interior of the body just above the rear seat.

My rebuilt shock absorbers arrived today, and I bead-blasted the shock arms and mounting bolts. Tomorrow I will paint them, and I will be able to drive the car with working front shocks.