Back to work

I got back from vacation, and I installed the quarter window glass, channels, and regulators.  Now the quarter windows roll up and down. I also installed the rear window, which involved gluing a rubber strip around the edge and fitting it into the opening in the body, with a good amount of caulking.  So now 50% of the windows are in place.

I also finished rebuilding the driver’s door latch mechanism.  I had started working on the door latches about two years ago, and I was able to cherry-pick pieces of all four latches to more easily get the one of them working.   Now I no longer have to use a bungee cord to hold the driver’s door closed!

Over the next few weeks I will try to get the other three latches rebuilt.  This will involve restoring worn parts with welding and grinding, and making a couple of bits on my lathe.

There won’t be any more major painting (e.g. the hood or fenders) this season.  Not enough time, and I was getting sick of painting all summer.  Until next spring, I will concentrate on the interior.