The interior is mostly done

I finished upholstering the rear seat back, which required a few test fittings to make sure that the contour of the top corners matched the curve of the body.  Then I installed the seat back, bolted the rear seat belts in place, and put in the seat cushion. Now I the car looks a lot more respectable, and I could actually drive around with three passengers.  I also installed the front passenger door panel, but there were some issues with it.  Like  most of the other panels, it is a bit too big, and the front and rear edges tend to jam up against the windlace and the door posts, making it hard to completely close the door.  Unfortunately it would be hard to trim the door panels, since some of the covering is stitched as well as glued in place.  I’ll have to consult with the manufacturer of the interior kit.

I’m going on vacation in a few days, and when I get back I’ll change my focus to the exterior: the finders, splash shields, and running boards.  Besides the door panels, the interior still needs a lot of little things like screwing all the window moldings in place, but I can do those bit by bit over next fall and winter.