A milestone reached!

I finally got the body sprayed with filler-surfacer. It took two days because I was interrupted by a thunderstorm. I was surprised how long it took to spray the entire body and doors- there are so many nooks and crannies to worry about. When I finally do the finish coat, I’ll paint the doors separately since doing everything at once is such a big job (you have to stop and refill the gun), and it is hard to do a good job on the door edges and jambs when they are attached to the body.

With the car a uniform light gray color, it’s pretty much impossible to see any trace of the filler work. That is quite a relief! But I can see a bunch of little pinholes and scratches that will need to be touched up before sanding.

I also started sanding the filler-surfacer on the gas tank, which I had sprayed last fall. Since the gas tank is fairly small and in perfect condition, prepping it for the finish coat will be pretty easy.

The next step is to clean off the floor (which I haven’t done anything to for a year and a half) and finish filling in some rust pits, to prepare it for its finish coat. But that will probably have to wait until I get back from vacation at the end of August…