Back home and resuming progress

During the last week I made progress on getting the body ready for the filler-surfacer.  First, I went to the PPG dealer and got another quart of epoxy primer.  That stuff has gotten expensive!  Then I started cleaning off the body, only to find a few little dings that I had never noticed before.  So those needed touching up with filler.  After that was taken care of, I resumed cleaning and scuffing.  The sedan body has lots of nooks and crannies, so the scuffing is rather tedious work, and I’ll need two or three more hours to complete it.  Then I can mask off the interior floor and the window openings, clean everything one more time, and it will be ready for painting.

One other thing I did was to tighten up all the screws that hold the door hinges to the body, since they will get painted over.