So little time, so much to do…

Again, there were zillions of other things occupying most of my spare time.

In the last couple of weeks I sanded down the filler I sprayed on the roof, and the body work on roof panels and gutters is essentially done.
I also stripped most of the paint from the other front door. When the weather is dry I can soda-blast both front doors.
I also mounted the door hinges to the body. I reused some of the original screws and washers (which had to be bead-blasted and Parkerized) and ordered some replacements for the ones that got mangled when I removed the hinges a couple of years ago. With the hinges in place, I was able to temporarily hang the doors and check that they opened and closed properly and nothing was bent too far out of shape. A couple of hinges needed a bit of bending to get the doors to line up nicely.