Plodding Along

There have been lots of non-car-related things to do in the last couple of weeks, so not as much progress as I would have liked.

Last weekend I sprayed a coat of polyester filler (essentially liquid bondo) on the roof area, maybe a millimeter thick.  This gave it a nice uniform surface for the final sanding.  I was able to sand one side, and that side’s filler work is now 99% done.

Also last week, I used chemical stripper to strip most of the paint from the driver’s door.  Doors are easy to strip- you just put the door on sawhorses, pour some stripper on, and smear it around.  I got all the paint of the smooth, flat surfaces.  I’ll use soda blasting to remove the rest.

The door has a dented-in area where the handle goes, and I started using my stud welder to pull it out.