Fixed the seat track

I fixed the two broken studs on one of the seat tracks. These studs are 1/4-20 bolts with funny triangle-shaped heads that are spot-welded to the track. To make replacements, I took some 1/4-20 flat-headed bolts and ground the heads on opposite sides until they had the correct shape. Then I welded them in place on the track.

The tracks were originally cad-plated, and one of them had gotten rather rusty. So I bead-blasted it and painted it with silver spray paint. Fortunately the tracks are completely hidden under the seat, so nobody will ever notice my fake “plating”. The other track still had almost all of its plating intact, so I left it alone.

It’s been really cold this month, so no possibility of doing any filler work or painting on the body. Maybe I’ll start repairing a couple of the door latch mechanisms. The front ones have some rather worn bits.