Painting Fail (sort of)

I wanted to paint the windshield frame, all the bumper braces and supports, and the spare tire carrier all at once. That’s about ten pieces.  So I hung them all from sawhorses and 2x4s and started spraying primer.  I quickly realized that there was no way I could maneuver around so much stuff without missing places or bumping into freshly-painted stuff.  So I primered only the windshield frame and gave up on the other stuff for the time being.
The next day I sprayed polyester filler on one particularly pitted part of the windshield frame and sanded it smooth, and the following day I sprayed urethane filler-surfacer on the front part of the frame, where it actually needs to look nice. That was a tiny job- only an ounce or two of paint.  After a few minutes of sanding, the frame will be ready for its finish coat, which will be semi-gloss black on the inside and gloss on the outside.

I want to get back to dealing with the bumper parts, since the car could actually use a rear bumper at this point. The rear of the body overhangs the frame, and it would be easy to accidentally bump it into something when moving the car around.