The paint-a-thon begins!

I sprayed epoxy primer on the top moldings, and after it dried, I installed them. Nailing them in place was tricky, because one mis-aimed blow of the hammer could have damaged one of the moldings, and it could not be removed without possibly damaging the surrounding sheet metal or fabric roof top material.  (And of course I would have had to order a new molding strip, drill all the holes in it, and paint it, losing a week or two of time…)
Once the moldings were installed, I carefully cleaned off the entire car body. This was sort of tedious because I had used a butyl rubber caulk (with the consistency of fresh bubble gum) for the roof moldings, and every bit that had oozed out from under the moldings had to be removed.
Once that was done, I masked all the parts of the car that were not getting painted. This had to be carefully done to keep any overspray from getting on the dashboard, engine compartment, front seat, etc.
After the car was masked, I sprayed the entire exterior with a sealer coat of epoxy primer, to cover up the light gray filler-surfacer. Finally, after the epoxy had dried a couple of hours, I painted the rear wheel wells in semi-gloss black.
Three more colors will have to be applied. After each color is sprayed, it will have to dry overnight and get masked before the next color can be sprayed. Hopefully this will all get done during the next week.