Working on the other two doors

During the last week or two, I started working on the two passenger-side doors.  There were a couple of low spots on them, a bit too low to be taken care of by the primer-surfacer, so I put a thin layer of feather-fill on those areas.  Then I applied a thick coat of primer-surfacer, and started block-sanding the main flat areas of the doors.  I cut all the way through the primer-surfacer in a few places, so I put one one more coat.  After that, I was able to finish the block-sanding.  I still need to wet-sand all the moldings and reveals on the upper portion of the doors.  After that, I need to do the same exact things I did to the first two doors: spray a sealer coat of epoxy primer, paint the edges with semi-gloss maroon, paint the outer surfaces with maroon, apply a bunch of masking tape, and paint the trim areas with black.

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