Another Milestone!

I installed the roof fabric.  The entire center area of the roof is covered with a black vinyl material, which is attached to the wood frame that surrounds the roof opening.  Several months ago I stapled the base layer of chicken wire over the wooden ribs.  Today I put a layer of padding over the wire, followed by the vinyl material.  The vinyl had to be carefully stretched and tacked in place.  It needed about 120 tacks.  It was a warm and sunny day, so I moved the car out into the center of the back yard so the vinyl would be warm and easier to stretch.

It looks gorgeous! The vinyl is smooth and even, and there is no trace of the ribs.

Later in the fall (or winter) I will attach the metal moldings that cover the edge of the fabric.  The molding material has to be carefully bent into the correct shape and nailed in place.