Busy Busy!

I got a lot done over the last few days. The weather was very nice, which helped.

I applied a coat of liquid polyester filler to the rain gutters. This stuff is supposed to be sprayed on, but I tried applying it with a foam brush. It did not go on especially smoothly, so I’ll have to sand off quite a bit and spray on another coat. The rain gutters had gotten pretty bashed up and last year I spent a lot of time working the metal closer to the correct shape, but they still have a lot of dings, especially the left side. If replacements were available I would have replaced them along time ago.

I applied the phosphoric acid metal treatment to the second rear door, and after letting both rear doors dry for a day in the hot dry weather, I painted them with epoxy primer. Over the next few days I should be able to apply body filler to a few small dings and put a coat of primer-surfacer on them, and they will be almost ready for the final paint job!

Finally, I bead-blasted all the door hinges and painted them with epoxy primer. I also ordered the special screws for attaching the hinges to the body. Once those arrive, I can mount the hinges to the body and the rear doors to the hinges, and the car will start looking more like a car again, and less like a pile of scrap…