I went to “Cowtown” last Sunday. It is a big antique car swap meet that is held this time every year in southern NJ. There are lots of guys with old parts (mostly 50-70s stuff) and lots of vendors with tools and supplies.

I got:

1: A very nice headlight shell without any internal parts for $10. One of my headlights is pretty dented, but has good internal parts, so this was a lucky find.

2: A two bladed fan for $10. This is a bit more authentic than the 4-blade fan I currently have.

3: An apparently NOS 1st-reverse transmission gear, also for $10. My transmission is already redone and works OK, but someday a spare gear will come in handy.

4: A bunch of sandpaper.

5: On the way out, I somewhat impulsively got an original radiator for $50. The fins were a little banged up, but it looked potentially usable.

In the evening, I bead-blasted the fan, and cold not find any cracks or damage. I also filled up the radiator, and it did not seem to leak. The car’s current radiator looks and works fine, but it’s aftermarket, not original. So at some point I may install the new one.