Started to Repair a Window Regulator

I started fixing the regulator (i.e. the crank/gear/lever thing that moves the window glass up and down) for the left rear quarter window. The shaft that the knob turns on had apparently broken, and a previous owner had removed it. The car came with some random replacement parts, including a made-in-Argentina gear/shaft assembly. The gear has the right number of teeth, but the rear quarter windows have a special regulator with a shorter-than-normal shaft that uses a screw instead of a pin to hold the knob. So I had to cut down the shaft and drill and tap a hole in the end. I will also have to use my mini-lathe to make a replacement for a pin that the gear turns on- the one it came with does not match up to the rest of the regulator assembly.

I don’t know how the thing ever broke in the first place- the other moving parts show no wear at all. Those rear quarter windows probably got rolled up and down about once a year…

Strangely, a previous owner had decided that what the car needed most was new channels for the window glass to slide up and down in, new rubber seals at the top of each window, and to have that rear window working. The body, engine, and mechanical work seemed less pressing to them. From my photo gallery, you can see that I’ve taken more of a bottom-up approach to working on the car.