Something Different

Yeah, I did some more filling and sanding.

But then I decided to do something different. I stripped the paint from one of the rear doors, with chemical stripper. Compared to stripping the body, this was a joy. The body surfaces were vertical, which meant that the gooey nasty stripper kept dripping on the ground (and my feet). But I could simply put the door flat on a couple of sawhorses, pour some stripper on it, and spread it around with a brush. I stripped the entire outer surface, and once all four doors are done, I’ll use my soda blaster to strip the edges and anyplace I didn’t get with the chemical stripper.

After I cleaned the door up, I took my stud welder and used it to pull out a dent in the window frame area.

Dealing with the door was so easy, I will hopefully find the time to do all four in the next week or so.

BTW, last spring I removed the glass, regulator mechanisms, and lock mechanisms from all the doors. Fortunately it all came out clean and easy. Some of the mechanisms will need worn spots repaired, but that will give me something to do over the winter, when it’s too cold to paint.