Getting close to the end!

The front valences are all done!  I applied the filler, sanded them, and painted them just like I did the rest of the body: a couple of coats of epoxy primer, three coats of filler-surfacer, some wet-sanding, and finally the finish coats. As soon as the paint was dry, I mounted them on the body and attached the front turn signal lights. Then I hooked up their wiring, and the electrical system was 100% complete! Now that the turn signals are working, the car is road-worthy.
The only disappointment is that I still need to paint the headlight trim rings. They will need some bead-blasting and sanding, and then the same primer, filler, sealer, finish coat paint job as everything else. Each coat will need about an ounce of paint and 30 seconds of spraying, but I will still have to mix it and clean up everything for each coat. But before I start on that, I will re-attach the front bumper and the grille.