All done!

I took off the muffler, cleaned it up in the bead-blasting cabinet, and sprayed it with a can of silver high-temperature paint from the hardware store. The next morning I put it back on the car, and now the paint job is absolutely, completely, 100% done!

Now I can go back to working on my 1931 Ford, which has been neglected for the last year or so…

Even closer to the end

I installed the stainless steel windshield trim.  I used a trick described by another Spitfire owner on his web site, and it went more smoothly than I expected.  I also finished applying sealant between the rubber seal and the glass.

The new “QQ” Historical license plates arrived, so now the car is 100% legal.  The old “Collector Car” registration had expired at the end of May, and the car was no longer eligible for it. Of course it doesn’t have anything to do wit the paint job- it just happened at the same time that the car was ready to drive again, after being painted.