The body is painted!

I painted the body and bonnet over two days. Each part got a coat of epoxy primer mixed as sealer, and three coats of color. It came out pretty nice overall – a couple of little bugs in the paint, one small run on the windshield pillar, and a small orange-peely patch on the bonnet – nothing that won’t buff out. Most of it looks great.
One annoyance was that the color match was not so great. The original paint was orange-ish red, and the new paint (which was custom mixed to the original factory paint code) is a more saturated, pure, red. But since I painted the door jambs, there is very little original paint showing. The underside of the hood and the inside of the trunk are faded and grubby enough to make color matching irrelevant.
The next step to to get the doors and trunk lid painted. They are ready for primer, but the weather is supposed to be terrible for the next several days.