Lots of sanding

I have to sand all the edges and bumps out of the fiberglass on the bottom of the hull. After that, it will get one more coat of epoxy, and it will have to be sanded again!

Some little side projects

I put the cleats on the footwell sides, and coated them and the footwell floor with epoxy. Then I glued the two halves of the bowsprit together, even though I won’t be doing anything else with it for months.

Got the floorboards fitted

I marked and cut one side, then used each cut piece as a pattern to cut the other side.

Some trivia for other builders: I needed 134 screws: all 1-1/2″, except for two in the outside rear corners that are 1-1/4″. I used flat-head Frearson bronze screws, with the heads slightly countersunk below the surface.

As soon as all the floorboards fit nicely and the screw holes were drilled, I removed them and set them aside to start work on finishing the interior.

Doing the floorboards

Lots of cutting, planing, and drilling screw holes. I 3d-printed some handy jigs to get the floorboards properly spaced and the screw holes nicely aligned.