Tack-welding the hull parts together

I have been applying epoxy to all the joints in the hull. When it cures, I can remove the wire stitches that were temporarily holding them together. It has taken three sessions of gluing to do this. The bow was tricky, because the joints are hard to reach, and the sharp bends in the plywood mean that the gluing has to be strong.

This part was messy!
These joints were glued the previous day, so I have removed the wire stitches

The laying of the keel

This is traditionally the beginning of the actual construction. We added a couple of coins for good luck, an old tradition. Then I attached the keelson on top of the keel.

Working on the centerboard

Before gluing the centerboard halves together, I routed rabbets on the inside sides of the leading and trailing edges, forming a groove that I later filled with epoxy.