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My AO-40 Antenna Setup

NA1DB's AO-40 Antenna System Here is my antenna system for AO-40.  It consists of:
  • Radio Shack Azimuth Rotor
  • Yaesu G500 elevation rotor
  • Homebrew 2 foot dish for S-band with helix feed
  • DJ9BV S-band preamp on dish feed (in the mayonnaise jar!)
  • Arrow yagi for 2 meters and 70 cm.  (Since this photo was taken, the Arrow was replaced with a KLM 435-18C.)
NA1DB's latest antenna setup The latest setup with a KLM 435-18C for 70cm, and a Diamond 7-element beam for 2 meters.
NA1DB's S-band dish antenna The 2-foot dish I built.  It's made from 12 one-foot-long 1/4" steel rods welded to a central hub, with a ring to stiffen it.  It is covered with expanded metal mesh.  Unfortunately, due to its all-steel construction, it weighs a ton.
NA1DB's S-band dish feed and preamp A close-up of the helix feed.  There is a quarter-turn matching strip at the base of the helix, which you can't really see.  Also note the rain shield for the matching strip.  The plastic mayonnaise jar protects the preamp from the weather.
Another shot of NA1DB's S-band dish A shot that shows some more detail of the rugged all-steel construction :-)
The RG-142 feedline runs through the feed support tube so as not to block any of the dish aperture.

Here are some more pictures of the setup.

Other Equipment for AO-40 Reception